Kanalisering av Mari Solei  
Oversatt til Engelsk av : Birgit Elise Grape. 

Denne kanaliseringen fikk jeg beskjed om at den skulle oversettes til engelsk. 

The White city of the North

From the fundemental crystal energy everything was created, formed,and downlouded into the energy field of the earth. The nobel energy of the diamond was created, and further activated the crystals within the earth. Heaven and earth united to form the main pillar of creation. 

The key- the creation code- was hidden and secreted in the garden of eden. The mountain spirits protected it within the confines of the golden energy. The stones which surrounded the sacret site outside the White city carries the deepest and purest manifestation of the life force on the earth. 

These energies where kept within the energy field of earth. Waiting for the destent moment to come. Because no one in Heaven or Earth could raise the energy before everything was completed. This unspoken force was that from the Eart itself was created.
From the deepest recesses of the web of life, thrue the web of eternity, all was created. Ito the spiral of eternity. There is a land beyond eternity – which shall now reveal -, and the Holy White city shall be reborned. 
From the ground pillars within tempels between Heaven and Earth. Everything was created. Woven by the crystal fairies as they wove their treads over the Earths axis breathing light in every sprout of creation. 

The kingdom of The Great Eagles was the first creation. Where they signed for the task as protectors of The Land. The Earth became the most beautiful jewel in God’s Garden. 
Everything was borned. And the energy of the Earth started to multiply itself in micro and macro. The sun’s glowing energy created the sun grids. Which task was to behold the geometry of The White city where everything from the beginning was downlouded. 
The sungrids where inbedded with sacret geometrical forms, and Creation’s keynotes. The Suncross where set to protect The Land in The North. The light from North was borned thrue all layers of crystals from the inner Earth, and with the same formula the outside earth was created. 
The light radiating from the north, created the holy mountains on Earth. Within the same frequency holding the energy for everyone to wake up at the same time. The awakening codes kept in our bodies. 

As the words from Sananda; ”When you master your bodies, you will master the world, and it’s secrets kept untill this day.” 

Everything has now opened by the Four Spirits, the Four Elements, and the Four Eagle Masters. Raised in Heaven and Earth with its present. And so could everything renew, and humanity given a new land, and a new city dressed by the origin from God’s garden. 
The crystal Master has taken it’s place, and the crystal Heart radiates from this place, filled with the energy from foundation elements of the diamond. The crystal heart kept the codes of creators foundational element and the energy of the masculine. 
The feminin energy was created from this foundation stone. The crystal heart is redeemed, and the pure masculine force has returned back to creations foundational element. Man and woman will walk the earth. Side by side as it was ment to be. 
Be unit, be love. 
The magic codes, the key is returned to it’s place. Deseaces, fear, all is opened up and has come to a close. All the 13 foundation stones that are experienced in micro and macro are redeemed and brought back to the garden of Eden. Where the temple of peace, and the temple of love are now setteled. And the Holy city has rised. 



Lysets budbringer Lady Mari Solei